Friday, 15 March 2013



Few things get me more excited than the tips on perfecting the chemical brow lift I came back from Paris with. 

This is because anti wrinkle injections are the most popular of all the cosmetic medicine treatments done at Skin Temple, and around the world in 2012.

The global economic downturn since 2008 has left many cosmetic and plastic surgeons bemoaning their reduced revenue, but in the world of non surgical skin treatments business is doing ok, with many people opting for non surgical options such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers and laser skin treatments.
Anti-wrinkle injecting might look easy enough to most people, and on face-value (pardon the pun) it's certainly not a technically difficult procedure, but there are some real pitfalls for both novice and experienced injectors. 

Take a look at any celebrity filled magazine and you'll be sure to find an example of someone who looks good, but slightly odd, and chances are they are having a cosmetic treatment that could be done better by a very experienced injector.
For example, take a look at Kylie Minogue's right eyebrow, Nicole Kidman's frown and forehead areas, and Kim Kardashian's cheeks.  All of these features look slightly odd to me..not particularly unattractive, but distinctly in the odd basket.  
Nicole Kidman's eyebrows are nicely lifted in the outer parts (the standard chemical brow lift) but significantly lowered in the inner parts by the standard frown treatment technique she appears to be a fan of.   

 This can sometimes make her look a little odd, and will cause sagging of the inner upper eyelid skin as she ages.  Her forehead is remarkably immobile for a woman of 45years old, and again, such complete lack of expression reduces her ability to communicate with her audience and exacerbates the low position of her eyebrows.

A better aesthetic treatment would specifically address the problem of medial brow ptosis and lift both ends of brows equally.  This is the technique that was discussed at IMCAS Paris 2013, and since my return I've been trying it out on a number of patients prone to this problem, with excellent results!
Not everyone needs or suits this technique, but for those that do, or have put off having anti-wrinkle treatments for fear of looking slightly odd, it's fantastic news.