Thursday, 2 May 2013


Sometimes it can seem that no matter what you try to improve your skin, nothing will work.
It's so important not to lose hope though, as the solution may be a lot easier than you might think.

Recently I met the beautiful and very personable Tanya Ali-Jani, who initially came to Skin Temple with a completely unrelated skin concern.
I couldn't help wondering how she managed to hide her obviously pigmented acne lesions and scars during her photographic modelling assignments, and why she wasn't asking me to help her with it.

Tanya replied that she has had acne problems for many years, "like so many models!" and that after consulting numerous people over the years, and trying every over the counter acne product, she had now accepted the acne as being incurable, and something that she hoped she would one day "grow out of".  Instead, she was relying on the use of heavy MAC makeup and carefully placed hairstyles and camera angles to hide the side of her face most affected by acne.  Going to a "no hair, no makeup" casting call was a living nightmare for her, and so she joined the group of up and coming models who refused to be seen without makeup.

Well I'm almost always up for a challenge,  so I confidently tell her that I'm SURE I can improve her acne!
And I'm so glad that she decided to give it a go, because the after photos (above right & below) tell a story that words alone will never match.

I can't wait to see the new portfolio shots, including those she recently did without makeup (wow! that's an incredibly brave thing for anyone to do, let alone someone with a history of chronic acne!).

And I'm super thrilled that in the 2months since we cleared her acne up, she has acted in a short drama style movie, landed a hosting job on a community tv show, and has a lot more work steadily coming her way!

Watch out Melbourne (&beyond), this is a face & personality you're going to be seeing a lot more of in the next few years!

A big thank you to Tanya for her permission to be identified in this post, and to her photographer, Peter Coulson, for permission to use the professional shot above.