Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Men's increasing trend!

I love looking after problem skin!

Lately I've noticed that an increasing number of men are attending our medispa for medical advice related to their skin concerns.

Here's an example of a young man who attended for advice on his acne problems:

Above is the baseline image.

Below is the follow up image, just 4 weeks later!

Happy patient, happy doctor!

Here's another example of a young man who wanted to his cheeks filled, but was advised to fill his jawline at the same time (to prevent looking too feminine!):

Image above is client before filler injected to cheeks and jawline.
Image below is same client 2 weeks after treatment.

Men are definitely catching up with the non-surgical trends sweeping the world..and is it any wonder? Just like women, they also want to look their best.  But there are definitely some pit falls for anyone who thinks that men should be injected in the same way as women..they really do have specific needs to retain a masculine appearance in general!