Thursday 19 July 2012

Looking Tired or Drawn? A Unique Volumising Treatment Option

Not every client is looking for an instant or dramatic change.
As cosmetic treatments become more mainstream, enquiries are increasingly coming from those seeking a discrete, gradual change without any of the telltale signs of having had "work done".

In this example, a client who works full-time, and has never had any kind of cosmetic treatment done before, sought advice because she felt "drawn and tired looking".  She specifically stated that she didn't want anti-wrinkle or filler injections.

The perfect solution to this dilemma was found with a liquid that stimulates new collagen production gradually over time.  This product has been around in Australia for over ten years now, and my experience using the product is of a similiar duration.

Using a microcannula to minimise the risk of bruising, I was able to treat this client from her temples to the cheeks and chin area.  We repeated the treatment 6 weeks later, and reviewed her at the 6 month mark to see how she was looking.  The photos speak for themselves.  A very happy client who is now set to maintain the effect with smaller treatments every 2 years or so.
The only additional procedure she has had in the interim period was some laser removal of some pigmented lesions on the R cheek.

This volumising treatment is a much under-utilised treatment option in my opinion, though it must be injected with care and with careful post-treatment instructions.  It is a wonderful treatment option for the older client seeking a discrete and natural looking effect.  It is particularly good for those with low body fat..either through age, genetics or frequent gym workouts.  It will give back the cheek a natural fullness that usually only comes with significant weight gain...but clients must be patient as it can take anywhere from 6 to 12months to have the desired effect.

If you would like to read more about collagen stimulators (& dermal fillers!) please take a look at our Skin Temple website link: Dermal Fillers and Collagen Stimulators

Before and 6 months after 2 volumising treatments

Still you....only better!

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