Monday, 5 March 2012

Have you (or someone you know) had a Laser Disaster?

We love helping fix other people's problems!  And we're not shy to tackle the high risk difficult clients either!

Take this example:
This patient of SouthEast Asian background was severely burnt during a laser procedure undertaken overseas, and was then inappropriately treated after the burn also.  The result?  A severe case of post-inflammatory pigmentation, which took many months of very careful lasering and topical at-home treatment using prescription-only skincare products.
But boy oh boy, does she look better now!



If you've had a terrible laser experience please seek help immediately from a qualified and experienced medical laser expert.  Burns must not be treated in salons by non-medically qualified staff as many of these will require prescription-only treatment.  By acting quickly, you can prevent severe disfiguration that may require multiple costly laser treatments to remove.

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