Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Blogging...this is new!! Welcome to my first ever blog page!

It's mid winter, 2011, time to get this blog started..which has been on the list of to-do's at Skin Temple for quite some time.

I've decided to call the blog "Xxxxx Queen", since that is the topic of enquiry most often encountered in the clinic, and after 11 years of injecting Xxxxx (and Xxxxxxx), I think I can easily claim credit to being Melbourne's Xxxxx Queen!

Obviously I do quite a bit of Xxxxx injecting in the practice, but I also do quite a lot of other injecting, such as Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, XxxX, Xxxxxxxx and Xxxxxxxx.

Many people remain underinformed about the extensive range of products out there today, and how each product differs, and how they can be used in different ways to achieve the look you are after.

Unfortunately, due to TGA censorship of this blogpage, I am unable to provide any specific information to the general public about any of these products.
Sometimes it is difficult to know which product is right for you..that's where a consultation is essential.
Unfortunately, it really is impossible to give good cosmetic advice over the phone! I wish it was that easy!!

So if you have a question to ask about injectables, ask away, but I will have to keep the advice general, given that injectables are such personalised treatments!


  1. WOOHOO, Botox Queen!! Awesome
    Great to read you!!!
    Love the Duchess of Dysport. XXXXX

  2. Duchess of Dysport? Ha! LOVE it!! xx

  3. Hi Dr Teska, interesting article. I'm quite the newbie when it comes to injectables and have a few questions regarding lip enhancements. Do you prefer to use restylane or juvederm in the lips? And how many lip enhancements do you perform per week. Also how much experience do you have with lip injections? And how much does it range from at your clinic? I'm really interested in having this treatment done but I'm worried that I'd pick a bad injector or if something goes wrong ie duck lips and/ or product takes too quickly (I have a fast metabolism). And lastly, are all consults (medical or cosmetic) medicare rebatable? Thank you in advance! Look forward to hearing from you. :-)

  4. Hi Nicki

    Could you please send Dr Teska an email to and she'll answer all your questions!

    Out of interest, are you the same person that sent a private message via a few days ago?

    Many thanks,

    Skin Temple

  5. I've now changed the blog name to Skin work better with our overall marketing! Sorry if that causes any confusion!